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Comprehensive Attendance Policy (CAP)

Archived Information about the Comprehensive Attendance Policy (CAP)

For more information on the nature of the CAP and requirements schools must meet in order to claim the payment, please access this Web page:

2009-10 Comprehensive Attendance Program (CAP)

The online system was enhanced to generate the Comprehensive Attendance Program (CAP) payment for school year 2009-10 and is now available for nonpublic schools to claim payment.

This payment is generated using the Pupil Attendance Reporting (PAR) and the enrollment reported in Section II that you submitted on the MSA-1 form for school year 2008-09.  You cannot make changes to this data.  All CAP claims will be paid at 63.18% to provide the opportunity for all eligible schools to claim a portion of the funds that were allocated.   If you believe there is an error, please send an e-mail message to, or contact us at (518) 474-3936.

In order to claim CAP, you must file an amendment to the original 09-10 school year claim.  Please keep in mind that only one claim can be open at a time.   This means that if you have a claim in any school year that is not in a CLOSED status, you cannot prepare an amendment.  This applies to claims in OPEN, HOLD and POST REVIEW.

After ensuring that there are not other open claims, you can claim your school's CAP payment by going to the Mandated Services Aid online system.  Complete the steps as outlined in the Online Instructions to Receive CAP Payment for School Year 2009-10.

Use of the online system is the most expeditious process for receiving your CAP payment.  If you choose not to access the online system, please print the attached CAP payment form, review the certification statement, complete, sign and return it to the Office of Grants Management.

The Office of Grants Management will randomly sample schools who claim CAP for a desk review.  Please note that if your school does not have a comprehensive attendance policy that includes the information enumerated in Section 104.1(i) of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, you may be required to reimburse the State for any funds received in relation to this program.


Last Updated: February 3, 2012