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Similar Schools Group #25

The New York State School Report Card

for School Year 1998-99

Description of Schools in Similar Group #25

All schools in this group are middle level schools in urban or suburban school districts with high student needs in relation to district resources. The schools in this group are in the lower range of student needs for middle level schools in these districts.

Student Needs Statistic for these schools ranges from 44.144 to just less than 85.571

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Public Schools In Similar Group #25

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School Enrollment (PK-12) LEP Count Free Lunch Count Need Statistic
Olean City School District Olean Middle School Cattaraugus 663 0 174 62.320
Jamestown City School District Persell Middle School Chautauqua 595 0 197 78.636
Westfield Central School District Westfield Middle School Chautauqua 244 5 68 68.241
Elmira City School District Broadway Middle School Chemung 661 0 168 60.373
Amsterdam City School District Lynch Middle School Montgomery 869 32 276 79.110
Lockport City School District Emmet Belknap Middle School Niagara 782 1 181 55.111
Niagara Falls City School District Niagara Middle School Niagara 519 0 187 85.571
Lockport City School District North Park Middle School Niagara 711 5 207 69.836
Rome City School District George R. Staley Junior High School Oneida 715 10 170 57.878
Rome City School District Lyndon H. Strough Junior High School Oneida 735 0 207 66.880
Fulton City School District Fulton Junior High School Oswego 667 2 173 61.908
Ogdensburg City School District Ogdensburg Middle School St. Lawrence 578 1 163 67.145
South Country Central School District Bellport Middle School Suffolk 1007 10 183 44.144

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