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Similar Schools Group #27

The New York State School Report Card

for School Year 1998-99

Description of Schools in Similar Group #27

All schools in this group are middle level schools in urban or suburban school districts with high student needs in relation to district resources. The schools in this group are in the higher range of student needs for middle level schools in these districts.

Student Needs Statistic for these schools ranges from 134.338 to just less than 199.809

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Public Schools In Similar Group #27

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School Enrollment (PK-12) LEP Count Free Lunch Count Need Statistic
Albany City School District Philip Livingston Magnet Academy Albany 700 7 485 165.564
Albany City School District School 21- Opportunity Program Albany 63 0 53 199.809
Binghamton City School District East Middle School Broome 681 63 415 153.983
Dunkirk City School District Dunkirk Middle School Chautauqua 498 37 281 141.451
Poughkeepsie City School District Poughkeepsie Middle School Dutchess 898 17 568 152.109
Lackawanna City School District Lackawanna Middle School Erie 479 14 301 152.165
Hempstead Union Free School District Alverta B. Gray Schultz Middle School Nassau 1179 105 850 180.124
Westbury Union Free School District Westbury Middle School Nassau 681 78 462 172.570
Utica City School District John F. Kennedy Middle School Oneida 925 126 603 168.446
Utica City School District Senator James H. Donovan Middle School Oneida 933 43 533 140.294
Schenectady City School District Mont Pleasant Middle School Schenectady 770 24 483 152.104
Central Islip Union Free School District Ralph Reed School Suffolk 827 56 456 137.728
Brentwood Union Free School District South Middle School Suffolk 749 68 395 134.338

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