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Similar Schools Group #43

The New York State School Report Card

for School Year 1998-99

Description of Schools in Similar Group #43

All schools in this group are secondary level schools in urban or suburban school districts with high student needs in relation to district resources. The schools in this group are in the lower range of student needs for secondary level schools in these districts.

Student Needs Statistic for these schools ranges from 26.871 to just less than 47.961

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Public Schools In Similar Group #43

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School Enrollment (PK-12) LEP Count Free Lunch Count Need Statistic
Olean City School District Olean Senior High School Cattaraugus 789 1 110 33.238
Jamestown City School District Jamestown High School Chautauqua 1574 33 304 47.961
Elmira City School District Southside High School Chemung 1281 0 210 38.926
Cortland City School District Cortland Junior-Senior High School Cortland 1284 11 188 35.630
Amsterdam City School District Amsterdam High School Montgomery 1187 34 120 26.871
Niagara Falls City School District LaSalle Senior High School Niagara 1146 23 181 39.511
Lockport City School District Lockport High School Niagara 1779 11 207 28.265
Niagara Falls City School District Niagara Falls High School Niagara 1361 0 236 41.183
Rome City School District Rome Free Academy Oneida 1338 4 200 35.806
Fulton City School District G. Ray Bodley High School Oswego 1269 0 197 36.860
South Country Central School District Bellport Senior High School Suffolk 1360 11 154 27.695

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