Sample Special Education Events Data

Scenario: This is a school age student who attends a public school and is referred to the CSE for determination of eligibility for special education on May 1, 2008 but the CSE meeting to discuss evaluation results is not held by August 31, 2008. The district is assigned to submit data for Indicator 11 for the 2007-08 school year. See SIRS Guidelines for Extracts for specific reporting instructions.

Row District Code Location Code School Year Date Student ID Event Type Code Event Date Event Outcome Code Non Comp. Reason Initial Event Type Code Initial Event Date Number of Days


NY12345 0004 2008-06-30 900000002 CSE01 2008-01-05 U CSER09





NY12345 0004 2008-06-30 900000002 CSE02 2008-06-05



CSE01 2007-01-05



- 26 -