Reporting Special Education Data Through SIRS

Regional Information Centers provide data warehouse services and support.

Collaboration required between general education and special education personnel to ensure all students are in the system and the data are complete and accurate.

All preschool and school age students require unique student IDs, enrollment records, annual submission of records including all required data elements in all required templates.

  • Two new templates added to accommodate special education
  • Thirteen new special education data elements added
  • Two new reasons for beginning enrollment (5905 and 4034)
  • One new reasons for ending enrollment (140)
  • Two reasons for ending “disability program service” (901 and 912)
  • A new test group added to Assessment Fact table to collect preschool outcomes on Child Outcomes Summary Form (COSF)

Information on special education data collection included in:

SIRS Policy Manual
Guidelines for Creating Data Extracts
Dictionary of Reporting Data Elements

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