Data Collection System Change

See memo from Johanna Duncan Poitier and Rebecca Cort of June 19, 2007

Data for the following reports will be submitted at the individual student level through SIRS, not through the PD data reporting system:

All school districts:

PD-1/4, PD-2A/4 and PD-3A/4: child count, LRE for preschool and school age students with disabilities
PD-5: exiting (diploma, dropped out, declassified, moved, etc.)
PD-7: preschool services, data on parentally placed school age students in nonpublic schools

Selected school districts (see schedule of the year in which school districts are assigned to submit or resubmit these data at: and

PD-10: preschool outcomes (SPP Indicator 7)
PD-11: timely evaluations of preschool and school age students for eligibility for special education (SPP Indicator 11)
PD-12: transition of preschool students from Early Intervention to preschool (SPP Indicator 12)


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