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VADIR - Violent and Disruptive Incident Reporting

Each school district is required to submit Violent and Disruptive Incident Reports (VADIR) for each school building on an annual basis. Information on this page provides links to VADIR data reported by the schools, and provides resource documents to help school staff complete the necessary forms.

Violent and Disruptive Incident Report (VADIR) Data

  • VADIR Guidance: To improve the completeness and accuracy of violent and disruptive incidents that occurred on school property or at school sponsored events during the school year between July 1 and June 30.  School district administrators must include all incidents that occurred during the summer months, including when summer school is in session, on their annual Report of Incidents Concerning School Safety and the Educational Climate, commonly called VADIR
  • Data collection period for School Safety and the Educational Climate (SSEC) incident data forms and directions can be found at:

    Reports should be submitted to the Department by the prescribed date via the SED Online Portal and must be completed by the required date set by the Commissioner.

  • NYS Center for School Safety VADIR page: http://www.nyscfss.orgexternal link
  • 2016-17 Persistently Dangerous Schools pdf (9KB)
  • VADIR Data for New York City and Rest of State

VADIR Resources:

  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding VADIR Reporting - (pdf 51 KB - updated 4/8/2016)
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Directions and forms for completing the Summary of Violent and Disruptive Incidents Form can be found at NYSED’s Information and Reporting Services (IRS) web page
  • Revised Weighted Incident Exemption Process (WIEP) (Word document 152 KB - updated 4/21/2016) - Applications, Instructions and Required Forms - The WIEP application is the process by which a school district demonstrates to NYSED that it should not be designated as persistently dangerous or identified as potentially persistently dangerous because some or all of the weighted incidents reported in the VADIR summary form were allegedly directly related to a student offender’s disability, and that the school/district has taken appropriate corrective steps. When a district school is notified by NYSED that it is identified as potentially persistently dangerous (PPD), or when a persistently dangerous (PD) school is petitioning for removal of the PD designation, the WIEP application may be submitted by the due date specified by NYSED each year.
  • Weighted Incident Exemption Process - Other Circumstances (WIEP-OC) (Word document 92 KB) - WIEP-OC is designed for use by school district leaders to apply for the exemption of weighted incidents that have been attributed to a student offender who is NOT classified with a disability. A school district leader must submit evidence in support of the requested exemption. All required forms must be completed and submitted by the due date in order to be considered.
  • VADIR Software Programs and Applications

Field Site Visit Forms:

  • Incident Reduction Plan (IRP) Template (Word document 38.5 KB) Updated 8/18/16- All schools that have been designated as Persistently Dangerous (PD) are required to develop an Incident Reduction Plan (IRP). The purpose of the IRP is to identify the specific actions that a school will take to ensure the safety of the students. Specifically, the IRP’s proposed actions should directly address the factors that contributed to the school’s designation as a PD school, the types of incidents that resulted from the identified factors, and describe how the school staff intends to address the factors and incidents. Each proposed action should be accompanied by a desired result/goal, an evaluation strategy to document the success of the action, and a timeline in which the action will be accomplished.

  • Code of Conduct Checklist (Word document 111.0 KB)


VADIR Staff Development Presentation - Powerpoint:

Last Updated: January 20, 2017