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Announcement of Funding Opportunity
2023-24 Title I School Improvement Grant 1003 - Targeted Support for Long-term Identified Schools Grant

Grant Application Documents

Grant Application in PDF Adobe PDF
Grant Application in Word Word document

Project Purpose

For the 2023-24 school year, the New York State Education Department (NYSED or “the Department”) is providing Target Districts with schools in the Receivership support model that participate in the Targeted Coaching the opportunity to receive additional support and technical assistance to assist these schools in meeting their annual identified targets.   

Title I School Improvement Grant 1003 TARGETED SUPPORT FOR LONG-TERM IDENTIFIED SCHOOLS funds will be provided to support these schools.  These funds will be separate from the Title I School Improvement Grant 1003 BASIC funds that districts are currently using to advance their improvement initiatives. 


Target Districts that have at least one school in the Receivership program that has registered for Targeted Coaching are eligible to submit applications for this grant.

A full list of eligible schools can be found in Attachment B – SIG TARGETED SUPPORT Eligible Schools.


The Department is providing $125,000 per eligible school.

Allowable Uses of Funds

The Department has established guidance and parameters for districts regarding the use of these funds:

  1. The funds must directly connect to the 2023-24 Continuation Plan for all eligible Receivership schools.
  2. The funds must support activities and expenses that will contribute to success with the Demonstrable Improvement Indicators (DIIs) / Lead Strategies.

Principals will work with their District to complete a School Spending Plan for each eligible school as part of a single LEA application.  Districts should ensure that the submitted school spending plans align with the Demonstrable Improvement Indicators (DIIs) / Lead Strategies identified in the school Continuation Plans.

As part of the application review, NYSED will be looking for alignment between Continuation Plans, Spending Plans, and the FS-10 budget costs.

Please refer to Attachment A for examples of how to complete the Spending Plan.

Due to the size of these grants, the Department will support districts that choose to pay for staff positions with these funds, provided these staff positions directly connect to established DIIs / Lead Strategies.  Any staff positions funded through this program must comply with federal “supplement, not supplant” guidelines and should not include core instructional positions. 

SIG TARGETED SUPPORT funds cannot be used to support schools within the district that are not listed in Attachment B as an eligible school.  If the district wishes to fund an expense that would support eligible and non-eligible schools, SIG TARGETED SUPPORT funds could only be used for the portion that will go toward eligible schools.  The remaining amount for the portion that will support non-eligible schools must be covered by a different funding source. 

Project Period

September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024

Application Deadline

Completed applications are due by October 14, 2023, and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. LEAs are encouraged to submit completed applications as soon as possible to expedite the review and approval process.

Submission Instructions

To receive SIG TARGETED SUPPORT funding, eligible Districts must submit:

  1. the blue ink signed Application Cover Page
  2. a School Spending Plan for each participating school
  3. one signed original and two hard copies of the District’s FS-10 budget form
  4. the 2023-24 Continuation Plan for each participating Receivership school

LEAs are required to send the submission documents listed above to:

NYS Education Department - Office of Accountability
Attn: 2023-24 Title I SIG 1003 TARGETED SUPPORT Grant
89 Washington Avenue – Room 320 EB
Albany, New York 12234

In addition, eligible Districts must submit one electronic copy of each of the items listed above to fieldsupport@nysed.gov and SIGA@nysed.gov.


For additional information or assistance, please contact: fieldsupport@nysed.gov

Grant Application Documents

Grant Application in PDF Adobe PDF
Grant Application in Word Word document

Last Updated: September 26, 2023