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A Report to the Governor and the Legislature on the Educational Status of the State's Schools: Submitted April 1999

Copies of the printed and bound two-volume report may be obtained upon request. Enclose check or money order in the amount of $12.50 for each set requested.

To obtain computer files on 3 1/2" diskette from the Statistical Profiles, contact this same office.  Materials available from this site may be downloaded without contacting the Department.

These World-Wide-Web pages are compiled from the tables of the report volume entitled New York, the State of Learning: Statistical Profiles of Public School Districts. The data were derived primarily from information submitted to the State Education Department by superintendents of schools, and were selected in accordance with the specific mandates of Section 215-a of Education Law.

The information contained in this report should be helpful in assessing many educational programs, and in working to improve learning outcomes.

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Counties in New York State

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Finding a School District Statistical Profile

To minimize unnecessary waiting, we suggest a three-step approach:

  • first select a county (either click on the map or use the list of county names),
  • then select a school district,
  • and finally select the report you wish to see.

If you are uncertain of the county of a school or district, you may use the alphabetical list of district names to find a district.

Getting More Information about School District Statistical Profiles

Electronic Data Available for Research and Customized Reporting

  • Access 97™ Database of District Profile Information (2,519,040 Bytes) -  all district data from the 14 Tables
  • Archive of Compressed Excel 97™ Spreadsheets
  • Excel 97™ Summary Workbook - Statewide Summary Tables 1 - 14 in one file - Excel fille (312,320 Bytes)
  • Excel 97™ District Data Table Spreadsheets as published in the bound paper volume.
    • Table 1 - District Type; Racial/Ethnic Distribution of Enrollment; Attendance Rate; Census Poverty Index; Free/Reduced Lunch; LEP Rate; Suspension Rate; Dropout Rate; College Going Rate; Student-Support Staff Ratioo; Pupi-Teacher Ratio Excel fille (133,120 Bytes)
    • Table 2 - Total Expenditures Per Pupil, New York State Revenue Share, and Combined Wealth Ratio;; Percent of Unit Expenditures per Pupil for Major Functions; Instructional Expenditures for General and Special Education Excel fille (140,288 Bytes)
    • Table 3 - Average Class Size; Classroom Teachers: Percent Minority, Annual Turnover Rate, Median Salary, Certification Status, Median Years' Experience, Educational Attainment Excel fille (145,208 Bytes)
    • Table 4 - Percent of School-Aged Residents with Disabilities; Students Classified as Having Disabilities: Portion of School Day Outside General Education Classrooms; Exiting Students with Disabilities Excel fille (97,280 Bytes)
    • Table 5 - Results of Pupil Evaluation Program and Program Evaluation Tests Excel fille (131,072 Bytes)
    • Table 6 - High School Graduates; Results of Regents Examinations in Gobal Studies and U.S. History and Government Excel fille (118,272 Bytes)
    • Table 7 - Results of Regents Examinations in Sequential Mathematics Course I, Course II, and Course III Excel fille (129,024 Bytes)
    • Table 8 - Results of Regents Examinations in Comprehensive English, Earth Science (original syllabus), and Earth Science (program modified) Excel fille (123,904 Bytes)
    • Table 9 - Results of Regents Examinations in Biology, Chemistry and Physics Excel fille (123,904 Bytes)
    • Table 10 - Results of Regents Examinations in Comprehensive Spanish, Comprehensive French, and Other Foreign Languages Excel fille (115,712 Bytes)
    • Table 11 - Cumulative Regents Results and Graduation Competency Status Excel fille (104,960 Bytes)
    • Table 12 - Results of Occupational Education Proficiency Examinations Excel fille (150,528 Bytes)
    • Table 13 - Results of the Preliminary Competency Tests and Regents Competency Tests Excel fille (132,608 Bytes)
    • Table 14 - Results of Secondary Language Proficiency Examinations Excel fille (68,096 Bytes)

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