Information and Reporting Services

A Report to the Governor and the Legislature on the Educational Status of the State's Schools

July 2004 Edition
Chapter 655 - Volume 1


Preface PDF file (159KB)

List of Tables and Figures PDF file (140KB) xii
Part I.

Overview PDF file (191KB)

Part II. Accountability System PDF file (287KB) 11
Part III. Longitudinal Trends 35-60 PDF file (270KB)  
  Longitudinal Trends 65-96 PDF file (329KB) 35
Part IV. Student Needs and School Resources PDF file (398KB) 97
Part V. Minority Issues PDF file (430KB) 147
Part VI. Gender Issues PDF file (196KB) 189
Part VII. Nonpublic Schools PDF file (202KB) 205
VIII. Conclusion PDF file (151KB) 225


Appendix A Data Resources PDF file (86KB) 237
Appendix B Schools Under Registration Review by Legislative, Council, and Congressional Districts PDF file (124KB) 241
Appendix C Universal Prekindergarten Program PDF file (145KB) 247
Appendix D Incarcerated Youths PDF file (94KB) 253
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