Ed Management Services

TO: BOCES Business Officials

FROM: Gene Smith

SUBJECT: Leases: Submission and Review

SUBMISSION DATES. Annual classroom leases (a portion of a school building used for classes or administration) are to be submitted 30 days prior to effective date of lease and all other leases 60 days prior. A lease for any space located on BOCES land must be submitted in accordance with the 60-day requirement. We can usually modify the other submission date requirements if you have a problem and call us before occupancy.

ATTORNEY CERTIFICATION. Certification is required for: a) all multi-year leases; b) all amendments or extensions of any multi-year leases; and c) all annual leases except those with a board of education for a portion of a school building, i.e., an annual classroom lease. (We reviewed this with Office of Counsel).

Form A approval is required in the initial submission of all leases. The Facilities Planning Office, Room 1020 EBA, not the BOCES Unit, does Form A approval. Please do not send your Form A Application to us. Form A’s should be sought 60 days prior to occupancy or as soon thereafter as possible. Our office is not responsible for checking on your Form A Approval. If you do not receive a response from Facilities Management in three weeks after you mailed your Form A, please call that office at (518) 474-6541.

cc: District Superintendents
      Charles Szuberla

Last Updated: June 29, 2021