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Lease-Purchase Agreements for Instructional Equipment

Section 1725-a of the Education Law authorizes school districts to enter into lease-purchase agreements for instructional equipment subject to the bidding requirements of the General Municipal Law. All such agreements shall be subject to written approval of the Commissioner before execution. Applications for approval of lease-purchase agreements shall be submitted no more than 90 days and no less than 30 days prior to the date of execution of the agreement.

The following link contains the prescribed application form for approval of lease-purchase agreements for use by school districts without the assistance of a BOCES:

  • Application for Approval of School District Lease-Purchase Agreementpdf icon
  • Please follow the directions below to complete and file the application form:

  • Complete each item which appears on the form. If the answer to Item “F” in Section II is “yes,” no response is needed to Item “G” in that Section.

  • The application can be submitted electronically. Please download, print, complete, sign, scan, and finally email the complete set of documents to EMSCMGTS@nysed.gov for review and approval. Please note that approvals will be sent via email.
  •                           Required Documents:

        1. Cover letter
        2. Completed and signed Application
        3. Board resolution that includes approval of full LPA dollar amount, signed/certified by District Clerk
        4. Financing agreement showing all terms and payment schedule
  • The application form should be submitted no more than 90 days and no less than 30 days before the proposed execution date of the agreement (see Section 170.7 of the attached Regulations of the Commissioner of Education).
  • BOCES should continue to submit IPA requests via the SED Business Portal.
  • Additional guidance and/or assistance is available by calling the Office of Educational Management Services at (518) 474-6541.

    Last Updated: March 11, 2022