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This message was sent to all public school districts on June 9, 2010

Special Education End of Year Verification Reports 10-16
for 2009-10 School Year

Please be aware that the SIRS Repository is available for migration of special education data for the 2009-10 school year for the VR10 -16 reports. The data to be included in these reports may be migrated from the Regional Information Centers (or large cities) every Friday and the refreshed data will appear in the end-of-year special education reports on the following Wednesday in the PD Data System at

The VR10 (type of credential, post-graduate plans, and reasons for ending enrollment and/or disability) and the VR 16 (Coordinated Early Intervening services) will need to be certified based on data displayed on August 4, 2010 which means the last scheduled migration date for these reports is Friday, July 30, 2010.  Please work with your regional information center (RIC) to understand the last date by when you must provide these data to the Level 1 repository.

School districts that are required to certify one or more of reports VR11-15 will do so based on data they see in these reports on November 3, 2010. The VR11 displays data regarding compliance with timelines for evaluation of preschool and school-age students for special education eligibility determination. The VR12 contains data for children who transition from Early Intervention to preschool special education and have an IEP implemented by their third birthday. The VR13 report contains data on all preschool children who receive special education and related services at any time during the school year. The VR14 includes data regarding the evaluation of parentally placed students in nonpublic elementary or secondary schools and the VR15 displays data for preschool outcomes. All students who must be included in the VR11- VR15 reports must have State (NYSSIS) ID’s, enrollment, demographic, disability and LEP program service records submitted to the repository by July 30, 2010. Please begin submitting these data now to ensure that you have sufficient time to make the necessary corrections and or additions/deletions to your submissions.

In an effort to assist school districts certify their data accurately and timely, the PD Data System continues to include in the 2009-10 drop down menu a “List of Potentially Eligible Students” who may be included in the VR11 - 15 reports.  These lists contain potentially eligible students who may be included in the respective VR11-15 reports once the required End-of-Year Special Education Snapshot, Special Education Events and Child Outcomes Summary Form (COSF) data are submitted to the data repository. The purpose of each List of Potentially Eligible Students is to allow school districts to see that all students have their enrollment, demographic and disability program service records submitted to the repository by July 30, 2010. After this date, only End-of-Year Special Education Snapshot, Special Education Events and COSF records may be allowed into the repository in order to complete the VR11-15 certification process. Data which is displayed in the VR11-15 reports on November 3, 2010 will require certification.

Please note that there may not be an opportunity to make changes to enrollment, demographic and program services data after July 30 even for students who are to be included in the VR11-15 reports. We encourage you to submit these data as soon as possible to avoid being ‘frozen out” after the July 30 date.

Additional, information regarding the End of Year data can be found at the Strategic Evaluation Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting (SEDCAR) website: or the SIRS manual at

It is important that you certify complete and accurate data as these data are the official data that are used for federal, state and local reporting as well as for financial determinations under IDEA.

If you have any questions regarding data collection procedures and processes for the VR10-16 Reports after reviewing the references provided, please contact SEDCAR via e-mail at or by phone at (518) 474-7965.

Thank you for your on-going efforts in providing timely and accurate special education data.
Last Updated: November 2, 2010