Facilities Planning

Project Review Status


    • If you have a question about the status of your project awaiting review, please consult our status reports page first.  Upon receipt of your project, your project manager will call you to identify missing items, if necessary.  Upon architectural/mechanical review, our A/Es will do likewise.
    • For projects received as of 04/15/14, the average review time for final review of plans will be about 24-26 weeks.  Please plan your submissions accordingly. 
    • As of 04/15/14 the next architectural review will be 13-0934. It was logged into the review system on 12/24/13.  Project Review 13-0590 will be the next engineering review.  It was logged into the review system on 10/18/13.  The most recent submission has review number 13-1444.
    • There are approximately 620 projects currently in the queue awaiting review. 04/15/14


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Last Updated: April 15, 2014