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Revised Smart Schools Investment Plan (SSIP) Information

Since the initial development of the SSIP application, we have been asked for more specific information regarding districts’ planned expenditures under the Smart Schools Bond Act. We have, therefore, added a new table to each project category in the SSIP application that will collect an item description, number of units anticipated to be purchased and a per/unit cost under each budget. This is a new question on the form, which replaces the previous question that collected data just on “Other Costs.”

While we recognize that some planned expenditures are not specifically identified or costed out yet, the more quantifiable detail you can provide for the Smart Schools Review Board, the more likely it will be to expedite final approval of your Plan.

Note that the table of expenditures does not need to capture all of your anticipated purchases. It does not have to sum up to the total amount budgeted in each sub-category or category. It is not intended to be a binding estimate of your expenditures. The final expenditures will be detailed when districts file for reimbursement through the on-line claiming system.

If you have any questions as you fill out the SSIP, please send them to smartschools@nysed.gov.

Access the SSIP through the NYSED Business Portal http://portal.nysed.gov

Last Updated: January 22, 2016