Pupil Transportation

Pupil Transportation ServicesStudent looking out the back of the bus

The State Education Department has oversight responsibility for school district provision of pupil transportation services to resident pupils attending public and nonpublic schools. Approximately 2.3 million pupils, or ten percent of the nation’s pupils, ride our 50,000 school buses each day. The 2008-09 statewide cost of services is approximately $2.8 billion with state aid of $1.5 billion. The Department processes 5,400 contracts and extensions annually for the delivery of services by private contractors. District owned school buses provide approximately half of all services and private school bus contractors provide the other half.

The Department also has jurisdiction over the qualifications for hiring school bus drivers, monitors and attendants.  It has established in regulation specific safety training requirements which help insure safe transportation for all pupils. The Department administers the School Bus Driver Safety Training Program which uses 1,000 School Bus Driver Instructors to provide school bus drivers, monitors and attendants with a comprehensive introduction to safety training and annual refresher training. 

Last Updated: December 6, 2017