Differentiating Accountability Responsibility from CSE Responsibility
(Some students will be reported by two entities)

In the following cases two entities will submit records on the same students. Enrollment code 0011 (or 5544, 5654, 7000, 7011) from schools where students are enrolled.
Enrollment code 5905 from districts with CSE/CPSE responsibility, but not accountability responsibility:

  • students enrolled by parents in charter schools;
  • students enrolled by parents in a different district from the one in which they reside; and
  • students enrolled by parents in nonpublic schools located in the school district.

School districts will also submit student records with enrollment code 5905 for the following students if they are referred for special education eligibility determination or are receiving special education services:

  • students who are home-schooled by parent choice;
  • kindergarten age students who are not enrolled in kindergarten programs but are receiving special education services as school age students.
  • students who are placed by the courts or social service agencies in out-of-State facilities and who resided in the district at the time of placement.
  • preschool students with disabilities enrolled in Pre-K programs in districts other than their own districts of residence.

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