Facilities Planning

Final Building Project Report Information

  • New Final Building Project Report Submission Process  PDF Image Icon External Link Icon (05/02/12)

    Final Cost Reports should be sent to the following address:

    • The State Education Department

      State Aid Office

      Attention: Building Aid Unit

      Room 507 West Hall, Education Building

      89 Washington Avenue

      Albany, NY 12234

Note: All questions regarding the content and completion of the final cost report should continue to be addressed to the Office of Facilities Planning.


  • For projects approved 7/1/11 or later, districts may request that building aid begin in advance of district submission of the Final Certificate of Substantial Completion (CSC) and/or Final Building Project Report (FCR), but at no time prior to 18 months after a Commissioner's approval date of July 1, 2011 or submission of an SA-139, whichever is later.  Please see the Early Aid Start Request Form (FP-EASR) located on our Forms and Checklists page under the Funding/Aid category.  (06/06/13)



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Last Updated: November 13, 2018