Facilities Planning

Five Year Plan


Beginning July 1, 2004, every capital construction project submitted for approval will be required to provide a copy of the executive summary of their five-year Capital Facilities Plan.

In September of 2003 Facilities Planning published the format for the five-year Capital Facilities Plan. These regulatory requirements are based on Commissioner’s Regulations 155.1. This document notified all districts that "An executive summary of the Plan shall be included with each capital construction project submitted to the Office of Facilities Planning for approval".

Projects received on or after July 1 that do not include the executive summary will not be reviewed and will not be eligible for a building permit. Please call your project manager if you have any questions.

Forms: Below are the two documents needed for the complete development of the Five Year Plan.  Part 1 is available in Word format; part 2 is available in Excel format.  The total is nine pages, 7 in Part 1, 2 in Part 2.



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Last Updated: December 20, 2012