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Regional Bilingual Education - Resource Networks

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages (OBEWL) is operating eight (8) Regional Bilingual Education Resource Networks (RBERNs) (technical assistance support centers) in the State, with seven (7) regional RBERNs and one (1) Statewide Language RBERN.  As a network, the RBERNs work in partnership with OBEWL staff to provide technical assistance and professional development to districts/schools in order to improve instructional practices and educational outcomes of students who are English Language Learners (ELLs).

The Goal of the RBERNs is to help each district/ school create for ELLs an educational environment which engages everyone in meaningful teaching and learning, respects diversity, provides opportunities for all children to achieve at the highest levels and enables them to become skilled in the English language while capitalizing on their strengths in terms of their native language and heritage. 

The Purpose of the RBERNs is to establish regionally-based resources to provide a coordinated system of high quality technical assistance, training, information dissemination and professional development to districts/school to improve their instructional programs and practices for ELLs, focusing on all the following areas: Student Identification/Placement; Leadership; Quality Programs; Quality Instruction; Assessment and School Planning; Staff Qualifications; Professional Development; Parental Involvement; Support Services and Coordination of Resources.

The Primary Focus of the RBERNs is to bring research-based practices in the areas identified above to districts/schools, as well as Charter and nonpublic schools, which have been identified by OBEWL as at risk of, or needing assistance or intervention to improve results for ELLs and to meet NLCB Title III Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs) as well as NCLB TItle I AYP.  All technical assistance is focused on increasing student performance, reducing drop out rates and increasing graduation rates for all ELLs.

The Mission of the RBERNs is to develop and strengthen the skills, knowledge, and competencies of educators, parents and local communities, provide technical assistance, professional development and resource materials to support academic achievement of ELLs, and support NYSED’s commitment to higher standards for all students.  In addition, the RBERN will serve to support the Commissioner’s Race to the Top initiatives and Regents Reform Agenda activities.


Directory for NYS RBE-RNs

NYS Language RBE-RN (Statewide)

New York University Metro Center
726  Broadway – 5th Floor
New York, New York 10003
Tel: (212) 998-5101
Fax: (212) 995-4199
Executive Director: Nellie Mulkay
Email: nyslanguagerbern@gmail.com
Web page: http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/metrocenter/rbern/


Capital District RBE-RN at Questar III BOCES
10  Empire State Boulevard
Castleton, New York 12033
Tel: (518) 477-8771
Fax: (518) 477-1335
Contact:  Xrystya Szyjka
Email: xszyjka@questar.org
Web page:  http://rbern.questar.org/

Hudson Valley RBE-RN at SW BOCES
450 Mamaroneck Avenue
Harrison, NY 10528
Tel: (914)345-8500
Executive Director:  Carlos Sánchez
Email: csanchez@swboces.org
Web page: http://www.hudsonvalleyrbern.org/

Long Island RBE-RN at Eastern Suffolk BOCES
15 Andrea Road
Holbrook, NY  11741
Tel:  (631) 244-4016
Fax: (631) 244-4087
Executive Director: Terri Brady-Méndez
E-mail:  tbmendez@esboces.org
Web Page: Long Island RBE-RN

Rodax Bldg. #7
P.O. Box 4774 – 6075  East Molloy Road
Syracuse, New York 13221
Tel: (315) 433-2664 or 2610
Fax: (315) 431-8449
Executive Director: Tanya Rosado-Barringer
Email:  tbarringer@ocmboces.org
Web page: http://rbern.ocmboces.org

Mid-West RBE-RN at Monroe 2 - Orleans BOCES
3599 Big Ridge Road
Spencerport, New York 14559
Tel: (585) 352-2790
Fax: (585) 352-2613
Executive Director: Lourdes Roa
Email: LRoa@monroe2boces.org
Web page:  www.monroe2boces.org/rbern

New York City RBE-RN at Fordham University
441  E. Fordham Road, Bldg. 2536
Hughes Avenue (Off Campus)
Bronx, NY 10458
Tel:  (718) 817-0606
Fax:  (718) 817-0604
Executive Director: Eva Garcia
Email:  evgarcia@fordham.edu
Web page: NYC RBE-RN

West Region RBE-RN at Erie I BOCES
355 Harlem Road – Building C
West Seneca, New York 14224
Tel: (716) 821-7546
Fax: (716) 821-7556
Executive Director: Denise Goñez-Santos
Email: DGonez-Santos@e1b.org
Web page: www.e1b.org

Last Updated: May 18, 2016