Special Education

Office of Special Education

Welcome to the Office of Special Education’s home within the State Education Department's Office of P-12 Education. This change reflects the Regents’ commitment to ensure that students with disabilities are an integral part of all aspects of P-12 education policy development and program implementation.  We look forward to this opportunity to work even more closely with our general education colleagues as we strive together to close the continuing achievement gaps.

This is an exciting and challenging time for all of us working to ensure that students with disabilities achieve the knowledge and skills necessary to live independent and self-directed lives. Research shows that most students with disabilities can meet high standards when provided with meaningful access and participation in the general education curriculum and appropriate, high quality specially designed instruction and support services. The Office of Special Education works to promote educational equity and excellence for students with disabilities through its roles and responsibilities to:

  • oversee the implementation of federal and State laws and policy for students with disabilities.
  • provide general supervision and monitoring of all public and private schools serving New York State preschool and school-age students with disabilities.
  • establish a broad network of technical assistance centers and providers to work directly with parents and school districts to provide current information and high quality professional development and technical assistance to improve results for students with disabilities.
  • ensure a system of due process, including special education mediation and impartial hearings.
  • meet with stakeholders through the Commissioner's Advisory Panel for Special Education Services.

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Key Staff in Special Education

Please note: Information on services for adults with disabilities will continue to be available on the Adult Career and Continuing Education Service (ACCES) Website .

Last Updated: May 31, 2023