Facilities Planning

Qualified Zone Academy Bonds AND Qualified School Construction Bonds

2010 QSCB Allocations PDF Image Icon  (14KB) 5/24/11

2010 QSCB Awardees PDF Image Icon  (8KB) 5/24/11

QSCB Letter to Superintendents  PDF Image Icon  (42KB) 4/1/11

QSCB Application Form  PDF Image Icon  (15KB) 4/1/11

Final 155.22 NYCCR  PDF Image Icon  (34KB) 4/1/11

Letter to Superintendents 04/02/10

Application Word (32.5KB) 04/2/10

Commissioner's proposed amendment to 155.22  Word (61KB) 8/16/10

QZAB - Commissioner's Regulation 155.26 - Qualified Public Educational Facility Bonds 4/13/10

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Last Updated: March 15, 2013