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Teacher Access and Authorization (TAA) System Administration Application
: The Teacher Access and Authorization (TAA) platform provides an identity authentication process for teachers to log in to NYSED systems and applications, such as the Teachers Student Roster Verification (TSRV) system and ePMF (electronic Personnel Master File). The TAA Administration Application allows Data Coordinators and other LEA administration level staff to support teachers using TSRV and ePMF. Access to the administration application is through the Teacher Access and Authorization (TAA) login page for users with entitled SEDDAS accounts. (Contact your Superintendent to find out if your SEDDAS account is entitled for this application.)

There are two levels of entitlement for the TAA Administration Application:
TAA/TSRV entitlement designed for administrators who monitor TAA account status and roster verification.

TAA/TSRV/ePMF entitlement is designed for administrators who monitor BEDS PMF submission by teachers. TAA/TSRV/ePMF provides all the features of TAA/TSRV with the added ability to view and edit ePMF data entered by teachers.

When logged in to the administration application a user with TAA/TSRV entitlement can do the following:

  • Check a teacher’s account creation status
  • Find a teacher PIN and the date it was distributed
  • Check usernames
  • Find out where the system is sending a teacher’s confirmation email
  • Check the date the account was last accessed
  • Verify basic roster data
  • Deactivate a TSRV account (only in situations when a teacher forgets his/her password and cannot match the answers his/her security questions)
  • Check a teacher’s ePMF submission status

When logged in to the administration application a user with TAA/TSRV/ePMF entitlement can use all the TAA/TSR features listed above and the following:

  • View information entered in a teacher’s ePMF
  • Edit a teacher’s ePMF entries and save changes

*PLEASE NOTE** Principals with the TAA/TSRV/ePMF level of entitlement will only be able to view and edit ePMF data for teachers who chose the principal’s school/s location when the teachers are completing the ePMF form.
Principals who need to view and edit ePMF data for all teachers in their district need to have a district level SEDDAS account with the TAA/TSRV/ePMF level of entitlement. . For more information on SEDDAS go to our SEDDAS homepage at

Please see our TAA administration application user guide, FAQs, and video for more detail.
TAA Administration Application (please watch before using the application)
(Coming Soon)
A user video for the new TAA Administration application will be posted shortly. Please use the user guide for assistance.


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