Charter School Office

2014-16 Charter Schools Program Planning and Implementation Grant
Workplan Instructions

CSP Planning and Implementation grant funds are to be used to meet the planning and/or implementation needs of a new charter school.  The entire CSP Planning and Implementation grant period is 1/1/14 – 8/31/16, or 32 months.  Planning activities may occur for up to 18 months, but must end when the school opens its doors to students.  Implementation begins when school opens for the first time and may take place for up to 24 months.  The combination may not exceed 32 months.  At the top of the workplan, please list the school’s planning and implementation periods as well as its proposed opening date. 

The purposes of the workplan are to compile the major activities to be completed during the three-year award period (as described in the project narrative), demonstrate how the activities are linked to proposed expenditures of the grant funds, and provide a timeline that the Department can use to gauge progress. After determining the major activities to be undertaken and their timelines, complete an FS-10 budget for the initial grant period (1/1/14-8/31/14) and a second FS-10 budget for grant periods two and three combined (9/1/14-8/31/16).  The total of the Amount of Funds column in the workplan and the grand total of the two FS-10 budgets must equal the multi-year grant award. To ensure that all of the proposed expenditures in the FS-10 budgets align with the proposed activities, use the workplan to match each budget item and amount to an activity.  All proposed activities and budget items must appear in the workplan.

For example, if there are funds in the FS-10 budgets in professional salaries, purchased services, travel, and supplies and materials categories, the workplan might look like this:

Performance Measure Budget
Amount of
Timeline Justification
Recruit board of trustees, school principal and staff. Code 40 –
January 1, 2014 - August 31, 2014 Charter school needs ambitious, talented leadership to open new charter school.
Develop and integrate program and curriculum; implement operational and financial systems. Code 15 –
January 1, 2014 –
June 30, 2014
Administrator to establish foundation for the opening of a high-quality charter school.
Train School Principal,
Curriculum Director, and
Finance Director on curriculum, leadership development, and financial systems

Code 40 - Purchased Services

Code 46 –




July 2014 –
September 2014
Staff needs training on programs designed for school.
Procure items needed
(computers, furniture,
smartboards, library books) to open school in September 2014.
Code 45 –
July 1, 2014 – August 31, 2014 Basic items for start-up of charter school.

A performance measure is a measurable activity.  For instance, the performance measure that corresponds to the budget items in the Professional Salaries category describes what the staff the grant is supporting will actually do.  The money allocated in the budget allows certain activities to happen – and those activities are the performance measures.  The performance measures are a general listing of planned activities and will be the basis of progress reports.  The FS-10 budgets for the performance measures will have more technical detail.  As an example, the corresponding FS-10 entries for the performance measures above may look like the following:

Subtotal - Code 15
Specific Position Title
Annualized Rate
of Pay
Project Salary
School Principal
School Curriculum Director
School Finance Director



Subtotal - Code 40
Description of Item
Provider of Services
Calculation of Cost
Proposed Expenditure
Recruitment of School Principal ACME Consulting 100 hours x $50 per hour
Recruitment of Board of Trustees Super Consulting, Inc. 50 hours x $50 per hour
Recruitment of high quality teachers ACME Consulting 100 hours x $50 per hour
Consultant to train administrators on curriculum, leadership development, and financial systems. Training, Inc. 50 hours x $50 per hour


Subtotal - Code 46
Position of Traveler
Destination and Purpose
Calculation of Cost
Proposed Expenditures
School Principal and Curriculum Director
Leadership Training – Rochester NY
$750 per day x 3 days x 2 employees
Curriculum Director Curriculum Training – Buffalo, NY $250 per day x 1 day x 1 employee
School Finance Director and School Principal Finance Training – NY, NY $500 per day x 3 days x 2 employees


Subtotal - Code 45
Description of Item
Unit Cost
Proposed Expenditure
Student Laptops
Staff Computers
Classroom Furniture
Library Books

For simplicity, this example is for the initial grant period only.  All activities and expenditures during the entire grant period are to be incorporated into the actual workplan and two FS-10 budgets.

Workplan Performance Measure Activities

Potential workplan performance measure activities are listed below.  These activities are very often supported by CSP funds, so they may be helpful suggestions.  The list is not inclusive, and they are not required activities.

  • Procure equipment/supplies/materials (furniture, technology, curriculum)
  • Recruit staff/board of trustees/students
  • Provide professional development for staff/board of trustees
  • Secure school or office space (rent)
  • Prepare space for learning (wiring, etc.)
  • Procure recruitment materials and services
  • Obtain legal services
  • Obtain audit or financial services
  • Train staff
Last Updated: December 20, 2013