Charter School Office

CSP Budget Amendments: Submitting FS-10-A Forms


1.  Amendments to your CSP grant’s budget are allowable.  However, the following guidelines must be followed in order for the NYSED Charter School Office (CSO) staff to process your amendment.

  • Amendments have to be initiated no less than two months before the end of your current budget period. Example: If your 2013-2014 budget period ends August 31, 2014, the CSO needs to have received your email request by July 1, 2014.
  • To be approvable, budget amendments must:
    • Fall within the already approved activities listed in your grant application,
    • Stay within the confines of the non-regulatory federal guidance that governs your grant; and
    • Contain a valid justification for the change(s) requested.

2.  When you are ready to submit an amendment:

  • Email the charter school mailbox at with the details of your proposed amendment. Provide the FS-10 codes and amounts you propose changing, along with a detailed justification as to why this change is needed. Email subject line should read “CSP Amendment – Project Number – School Name.”
  • Upon review, the CSO will send notification if the requested changes are substantial enough to require submission of an FS-10-A or if there is a more appropriate avenue to follow.

3.  If instructed, complete a FS-10-A form. The information you provide on the FS-10-A should match the information you and the CSP Grant Manager discussed.

4.  Mail the original FS-10-A form (signed in blue ink) and two copies to:
                               NYSED Office of Grants Management
                               89 Washington Ave, Rm. 464 EBA 
                               Albany, New York 12234

5.  CSO staff will review the FS-10-A and insure the changes are as discussed in previous emails.  If any changes are needed, you will hear from the CSP Grant Manager.

6.  You will receive an email from the CSP Grant Manager about the status of your amendment.

7.  Amendments must be approved by the CSO before any changes can be implemented.

Last Updated: June 20, 2017