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                   Hellenic Classical and Dr. Peter Ray Elementary School

Through the dissemination program, Hellenic Classical Charter School (HCCS) is sharing the Reading Rescue (RR) program with Dr. Peter Ray Elementary School (P.S. 305).  Since adopting Reaching Rescue (RR) in 2009, Hellenic Classical Charter School (HCCS) has served 40 students who enter the program at least one grade level below reading benchmarks and “graduate” having gained at least 5 reading levels to meet grade level by the end of the year. Hellenic’s approach to implementing RR is unique: The program is embedded in a broader effort to build “data cultures” at the school through the TERC Using Data approach. Through the grant, Hellenic has shared its effective practices in implementing RR as part of a broader data culture initiative with P.S. 305. Through their successful interactions and collaborative efforts, HCCS and P.S. 305 have demonstrated that this project has had an impact on both teacher and student learning.


Last Updated: April 23, 2014