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Section III:   Performance Framework
The Board of Regents Renewal Policy and Performance Framework is the foundation of the Board of Regents Oversight Plan and is applicable to all Regents-authorized charter schools. In November 2012, the Board of Regents approved a new Renewal Policy and endorsed a Performance Framework as an outline of qualitative and quantitative standards for effective charter schools. The Framework outlines performance benchmarks and indicators in ten key areas for Regents-authorized charter schools. The Department’s Charter School Office was directed to revise and update the Framework, in consultation with the field, as necessary and consistent with the Renewal Policy and the guiding principles outlined in the Framework. In accordance with this direction, the Performance Framework was updated and posted for public comment in August 2015, and finalized in November 2015.
2018 Performance Framework PDF document
2015 Performance Framework PDF document

Similar Schools Comparison: This instructional video will help schools to identify similar schools in order to self-assess their comparative proficiency (Performance Framework Benchmark 1.b.)

Similar School Matching   Excel Document


Responses to 2015 Comments/Questions From the Field PDF document

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