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An application to establish a new Board of Regents-authorized charter school in New York State may be submitted by one or more individuals who are teachers, parents, school administrators or community residents, under an open competitive RFP process as is set forth in NYS Education Law, Article 56 Charter Schools Act. The Board of Regents will only approve applications that clearly demonstrate a strong capacity for establishing and operating a high quality charter school. This standard requires a strong educational program, organizational plan, and financial plan, as well as clear evidence of the capacity of the founding group to implement the proposal and operate the school effectively.


2014 Request for Proposal Round 3 - BUFFALO ONLY

Announcement and Timeline    PDF Document (426 KB)

The Charter School Office announces the release of an additional application round in 2014 to establish charter schools authorized by the Board of Regents.  This opportunity is limited to the establishment of new charter schools prepared to launch in 2015 within the Buffalo City School District.

2014 Request for Proposals to Establish Charter Schools Authorized by the Board of Regents - The 2014 New Charter School Application Kit is final and released for use by 2014 Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3 (BUFFALO ONLY) applicant groups.

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Fifteen New Charter School Applications Accepted For Review

(August 2014)

2014 RFP Round 2 Full Applications - Accepted for Review   Excel Document (52 KB)

NYSED accepted 15 new charter school Full Applications for comprehensive evaluation by panels of expert reviewers. When the review of the applications is complete, applicants that meet the criteria set forth in the NYSED 2014 Charter School Application Kit will move ahead for capacity interviews, which will be conducted with applicant group members and proposed founding trustees. At the conclusion of this comprehensive evaluation process, recommendations will be made by Department senior staff to the Board of Regents for action at the November 2014 meeting. Schools that are issued a charter will begin to serve students in the 2015-2016 school year.

Ten Full Applications are for schools to be located in New York City: three in the Bronx, one in Brooklyn, three in Manhattan, one Staten Island and two in Queens.  In addition, there is a Full Application to locate a school in each of the following: Buffalo Public Schools, Lawrence Union Free School District, Mount Vernon City School District, Peekskill City School District, and Rochester City School District.

The Charter School Office invites public comment on 15 new charter school proposals that will be considered by the Board of Regents at their November 2014 meeting. Comments on the proposals (posted below) will be accepted until October 31, 2014. All comments in support or in opposition will be reviewed and considered in the Department’s process of review of the applications. Written comments may be submitted to or to Susan Megna, Charter School Office – 5N EB Mezzanine, 89 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12234.

2014 Round 2 Full Application can be viewed here.

2014 Round 2 Letters of Intent Accepted (July 2014)

Seventeen Round 2 Letters of Intent have been accepted and lead applicants have been invited to submit Full Applications. The accepted Letters of Intent include information about the applicant group and proposed initial board of trustees; school overview including location, planned grades and enrollment; a description of the proposed school's target population and community to be served; planned strategies to recruit and retain students with disabilities, English language learners and students who are economically disadvantaged; a description of public outreach conducted, including supporting information about parental interest in the proposed school. Several applicants are proposing replications of existing charter school models.

The lead applicants for the 17 accepted Letters of Intent have been invited to submit Full Applications, which are due to the Department on or before August 18, 2014

A summary of the accepted Letters of Intent may be viewed at

Summary of 2014 Round 2 Accepted Letters of Intent  Excel Document (41 KB)

Round 2 Accepted Letters of Intent

A summary of all submitted Letters of Intent may be viewed at

Summary of 2014 Round 2 Letter of Intent Submissions Excel Document (59 KB)

For more details, see the 2014 Application Review Process and Timeline  PDF Document (153 KB)

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