Pupil Transportation


Rules Book Image 8 NYCRR 156 – Commissioner Regulations for Pupil Transportation Contracts

Percent Sign Image CPI % - Contract Extension Increase

Contract Document ImageContract Information

  • 3 Ways to Award a Contract:
  • 3 Types of Bids:
  • 10 Kinds of Contracts: School Year, Summer, School Year Extension, Summer Extension, Partial, Emergency, Maintenance (Only), Operations and Maintenance, Parent, Intermunicipal
  • Areas of Service: Home to School, Special Needs, Non-Public/Charter School, Sports, Field Trips, McKinney Vento (Homeless), Foster Care
Common Reasons for Contract Disapproval PDF Icon

Recommendations for Contract Submittal PDF Icon

Forms ImageForms

Assignment of Contract Form PDF file icon

Cost Justification Form

School Bus School Year Contracts

  1. Form TC – Transportation Contract – School Year PDF file icon
  2. Form CE – Contract Extension – School Year PDF file icon

Summer Sun Image Summer Contracts

  1. Form TCS – Transportation Contract – Summer PDF file icon
  2. Form CES – Contract Extension – Summer PDF file icon

Checklist Image Requests for Proposal (RFP)


School Bus Image School Bus Purchase (SAMS BP System)

Leasing School Buses


Dollar Sign Ideas Guides for Transportation Aid

Equipment Repair & Replacement

Computerized Routing Application, Computers, Two-Way Radios

Consultant Services

Last Updated: April 18, 2018