Pupil Transportation

Safety Training

School Transportation Course Guidelines External Link ICON


8 NYCRR 156.3  - Regulations of the Commissioner for School Bus Drivers, Monitors, Attendants & Pupils

School Bus Driver

School Bus Driver Instructor

SBDI Registration of Courses – Instructions & Mailing Address

  • Notice of Program Offering
  • Notice of Program Completion
  • Notice of Program Offering
  • Notice of Program Completion
  • Assigning Certificate Numbers  external link

Master Instructor Corps

Master Instructor Preparation Program

Monitor & Attendant

Occasional Drivers Physical Performance Test
  • Requirements of DMV, DOT, and SED
  • Memorandum
  • Regulation
  • Questions & Answers
  • Physical Performance Test Administration Guidelines
  • Physical Performance Test Forms
  • 19A Examiner Temporary Waiver - No longer being approved
  • Physical Performance Test Video 

Medical Examinations

Point Insurance Reduction Program – PIRP

Professional Development Seminar  
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