Prekindergarten through Grade 12 Education

SEDDAS - SED Delegated Account System

The New York State Education Department has a number of web based applications that schools use to submit data or to request NYS exams. The applications are accessed via SED’s Web Portal and are protected from unauthorized use. SED manages access to the applications through a process of secure User IDs and passwords.

SED will be utilizing a new system called SEDDAS (SED Delegated Account System) to manage access to web based applications through SED’s Web Portal. SEDDAS allows designated school district personnel to create and manage User IDs and passwords for their own employees rather than going through SED.

The following applications have access managed by the district using SEDDAS:

  • data.nysed.gov (IRS Data Application)
  • AIR Growth Reporting System
  • L0HIST Level 0 Historical
  • Title I
  • Institution Master File (BEDS)/VADIR
  • L2RPT Level 2 Reporting
  • Delegated Account System
  • Teacher Student Reporting
  • Examination Request System
  • ARRA Reporting System
  • General Education Development
  • Impartial Hearing Reporting System
  • Mandated Services Aid
  • IRS Portal
  • State Aid Management System
  • SED Monitoring and Vendor Performance System

NOTE:  These are the ONLY applications handled by SEDDAS at this time.  Other heavily used applications such as TEACH and nySTART, use other means of authentication and are not managed by SEDDAS.

SEDDAS gives staff in public and non-public schools, BOCES and Charter schools the “keys” to SED web based applications.  Because SEDDAS works slightly differently for non-public and charter schools, than it does for public schools and BOCES; the training has been tailored to make it clearer.   Please refer to the section below that pertains to your type of institution.





For assistance using the SEDDAS system, you may contact NYSED using the following:

Help Desk: (518) 473-8832

E-mail: seddas_help@mail.nysed.gov

Last Updated: November 19, 2014