Information and Reporting Services

Verification and Certification

Data used for reporting purposes are not final until the reporting deadlines. These dates may be found in the SIRS Reporting Timeline.

Prior to these deadlines, the Department makes preliminary data available in verification reports, enabling Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) to review and change their data until the final reporting deadline. LEAs must then certify that the data they see in these verification reports are accurate as of those deadlines.

Below are links to grids for various types of LEAs identifying reports requiring certification and reports available for review and verification, as appropriate. Prior to the end of the reporting year, LEAs should review which reports require certification and which reports should be reviewed and, if applicable, verified for the accuracy of data.

End of Year data certification (EOY certification) is done using an online fillable form on the IRS Data Exchange (IDEx). The form is accessible by logging into the NYSED Business Portal with your SEDDAS account. For guidance on gaining permission to access and use the IDEx, go to our IDEx resources page.

The EOY certification form will display only those reports available to your LEA type. However, not all reports may be applicable to your specific LEA. For example, a K-8 religious or independent school that doesn’t offer Regents would not have any Annual Regents data, but that report will still display on the certification form.

For the 2023-24 school year, the Level 2 data warehouse closes on August 16th, 2024. The certification form will be available in the IDEx after that date. EOY certification is due on August 30th, 2024.

For Special Education EOY Verification and Certification, Public School Districts only should review and certify the EOY Verification Reports (VR11-VR16) by logging into the PD System. More information can be found in the End of Year Reports section of the SEDCAR Reporting Requirements page.

Public School Districts, Charter Schools and Special Act School Districts

Participating* Religious/Independent and Article 81 Schools
*(ONLY Religious/Independent and Article 81 schools that administer New York State assessments need to certify data.)


State Agencies and New York State Operated Schools

Last Updated: June 6, 2024