Information and Reporting Services

Career and Technical Education Data Collection:
Changes in reporting post-high school data

Districts now report the following Career and Technical Education (CTE) data elements through the SIRS:

  • high school completion and graduation,
  • performance on English Regents, Math Regents, and technical skills assessments,
  • program types, membership in special populations, and nontraditional student details.

The one CTE measure that is collected outside of the SIRS is post-high school placement. Starting October 2010, the annual placement surveys to be conducted from October to December will be targeted to a more focused group of CTE concentrators--those who have participated in a New York State Approved CTED Program in grades 9-12.

Guidance and reporting documents are:

Field memo outlining the changes in reporting post-high school placement

Placement data Q & A

2010 Reporting Form

Last Updated: October 14, 2010